Pre-Engineered Metal Building nearing completion as construction activities inside take off!

With May being the first full month back to work onsite since the COVID-19 shutdown, the Alpena County Sheriff's Office & Jail project saw great progress. Over the course of last month alone, the remaining concrete slab-on-grade floor was completed, approximately 50% of the building’s masonry walls were constructed, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) rough-in was taking place above the locations for the pre-fabricated steel detention cells in preparation for their arrival on June 10th. Skylights and mechanical curb support framing was completed with roughly half of the skylights having been installed providing an insight to the natural light that they will provide for the jail’s occupants. Construction activity currently consumes the entire interior of the building with trade contractors working in various locations spread throughout all areas of the Sheriff’s Office & Jail.

In the coming month, the pre-fabricated steel detention cells will be delivered and installed. Once cells have been installed, the temporary opening left in the PEMB can be covered, which will complete the exterior envelope of the building. It is expected that masonry will be approximately 95% complete by the end of June. Many new construction activities will begin in the month of June, including firestopping, top of wall bracing, and mezzanine structural steel installation.